Photo courtesy of Erin Wickersham

“The New Civil Rights” blog is a partnership between American University’s School of Communication and the media organization Gannett.

The class members of  Professor Amy Eisman’s “Writing for Convergent Media” course in the spring of 2010 created this blog for Gannett.

“The New Civil Rights” used video, articles and a survey to ask Americans what they thought of when they heard the term “civil rights” and what they believed are today’s civil rights issues. The survey was supervised by School of Communication Professor Maria Ivancin.

As you can see and read on this site, the answers we received varied. There was one common thread, however, and that was the respondent’s opinion that there remains civil rights issues to tackle today.


Project Leaders:

Erin Wickersham and Feri Koszorus

Project Supervisor:

Content: Amy Eisman

Survey: Maria Ivancin

Site Creator: Maureen McCarty


Maureen McCarty,  Justin Wilson, Jessica McGarry, Kevin Eng, Joseph Hornig and Jon Bateman

Video Production:

Kevin Eng and Joseph Hornig

Research & survey:

Liz Leer, Laura Snedeker, Jordan Magaziner, Adela Smith, Charlie Carroll and Kristen Boghosian

Top-fold Photograph: Kristen Boghosian



  1. This is a wonderful project for both your students and faculty! It is so vitally important to gauge the true perceptions of those affected by issues under the umbrella of civil rights in America! It is so unAmerican to witness the unnecessary behavior of those who profess to be a American. Keep up the good work.

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